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Pilot testing of the ‘Haemo-QoL’ quality of life questionnaire for haemophiliac children in six European countries


Correspondence: Prof. Dr Monika Bullinger, Department of Medical Psychology, Pav.69, University Hospital Eppendorf, Martinistr. 52, 20246 Hamburg, Germany. Tel.: +49 040 42803 6430; Fax: +49 040 42803 4940; E-mail:


Summary.  In a multinational working group, an instrument (Haemo-QoL) to assess quality of life in children/adolescents with haemophilia and their parents has been developed. In co-operation with haemophilia treatment centres in six European countries, approximately 10 children/adolescents with haemophilia per country and their parents were asked to participate in the pilot-testing. Both self-reported and parent-reported questionnaires were provided for two age-groups of children (4–16 years). Medical data was collected from physicians from patient files. Answers to open questions from participants (58 children and 57 parents) confirmed the content of 116 of the preliminary items. Cognitive debriefing revealed that the majority of the Haemo-QoL was rated favourably, but 29 questions were recommended to be omitted and several items to be reformulated. Preliminary psychometric testing of the revised 77 item questionnaire in the same sample showed acceptable reliability and validity, which will be examined in a subsequent study with a larger patient sample.