• Equipment;
  • gum elastic bougie. Intubation;
  • tracheal

Summary Data were collected prospectively on the use of the gum elastic bougie in 200 patients. The bougie was successfully inserted into the trachea and tracheal intubation was accomplished in 199 cases. The bougie was inserted into the trachea at the first attempt in 178 cases. In nine cases (4.5%) a second, more experienced, clinician was required. In 173 cases, the grades of view were recorded before and after the application of laryngeal pressure; pressure improved the view in 80 cases (46%), had no effect in 89 (51%) and worsened the view in four cases (2%). Various recommendations for optimal external laryngeal pressure and use of the bougie were not followed on 15–64% of occasions. There is a need for better education in these techniques.