• Equipment;
  • Bonfils Intubation Fibrescope;
  • endoscope;
  • Intubation;
  • tracheal


The Bonfils Intubation Fibrescope is a rigid optical instrument for performing orotracheal intubation. We describe its introduction into our clinical practice in 60 patients with normal airways who required orotracheal intubation for elective surgery. Two anaesthetists each performed 30 attempts to intubate, in turn, in patients who received a standard general anaesthetic with neuromuscular blockade. Intubation was successful in 59 out of 60 cases. The median (IQR [range]) time to intubation was 33 s (24–50 [13–180] s). Median (IQR [range]) verbal rating score for difficulty was 2 (1–3 [0–10]). There was a significant correlation between the intubation times and the verbal rating score (p < 0.01). There was evidence of airway trauma in the single patient in whom intubation failed. The Bonfils Intubation Fibrescope is an effective instrument for orotracheal intubation in normal subjects.