• αs2 casein;
  • Capra hircus;
  • milk;
  • PCR

Two novel alleles at the goat CSN1S2 locus have been identified: CSN1S2F and CSN1S2D. Sequence analyses revealed that the CSN1S2F allele is characterized by a G [RIGHTWARDS ARROW] A transition at the 13th nucleotide in exon 3 changing the seventh amino acid of the mature protein from Val to Ile. The CSN1S2D allele, apparently associated with a decreased synthesis of αs2-casein, is characterized by a 106-bp deletion, involving the last 11 bp of the exon 11 and the first 95 bp of the following intron. Methods (PCR–RFLP and PCR) for identification of carriers of these alleles have been developed.