Assignment of the horse grey coat colour gene to ECA25 using whole genome scanning


June E. Swinburne, Animal Health Trust, Lanwades Hall, Kentford, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 7UU, UK. E-mail:


The dominant grey coat colour gene of horses has been mapped using a whole genome scanning approach. Samples from a large half-sibling pedigree of Thoroughbred horses were utilized in order to map the grey coat colour locus, G. Multiplex groups of microsatellite markers were developed and used to efficiently screen the horse genome at a resolution of approximately 22 cM, based on an estimated map length for the horse genome of 2720 cM. The grey gene was assigned to chromosome 25 (ECA25), one of the smaller acrocentric horse chromosomes. Based on the current state of knowledge of conserved synteny and coat colour genetics in other mammalian species, there are no obvious candidate genes for the grey gene in the region.