Energy and protein requirements for maintenance and growth in gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata L.)


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Factorial determinations of energy and protein requirements in growing Sparus aurata were carried out at 23–24°C. The energy content in the whole fish was dependent on fish weight and ranged from 5 to 11 MJ kg−1 body mass for 1–250 g fish, whereas the protein content remained constant at 179 g kg−1.

During starvation the fish lost 42.5 kJ body weight (BW) (kg)−0.83 day−1 and 0.42 g protein BW (kg)−0.70 day−1. The maintenance requirement for energy was calculated to be 55.8 kJ BW (kg)−0.83 day−1 and for protein 0.86 g BW (kg)−0.70 day−1. Utilization of digestible energy and digestible crude protein below and at maintenance was determined as 0.72 and 0.51, respectively. Utilization of digestible energy and digestible crude protein for growth above maintenance was determined as 0.46 and 0.28, respectively.

These values allow estimation of requirements for growing Sparus aurata.