Cutaneous leishmaniasis: evaluation of 3074 cases in the Çukurova region of Turkey


Soner Uzun. E-mail:


A total of 3074 cases of cutaneous leishmaniasis was evaluated for demography, diagnosis, clinical characteristics and treatment. A peak in the number of cases was observed in 1991 and 1992, with a total of 1550 cases. There were seasonal differences in frequency, the highest levels being recorded during the period October–December each year. The disease was more frequent in females (59%) and in the age group 10–19 years (41%). More than 80% of 4394 lesions were located on exposed body sites, and most patients (87%) had the acute form of the disease. Diagnosis was made by the smear method in 90% of cases. Treatment was by intralesional injection of antimony compounds in 76% of cases. Cryotherapy was used in most of the remaining cases, either alone or combined with intralesional injection of antimony compounds. The overall healing rate was over 90%.