Bone marrow involvement in cutaneous mastocytosis


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Background  Cutaneous mastocytosis is considered a relatively benign and indolent form of mast cell disease, which either ultimately regresses, remains stable or is only slowly progressive. Previously, it has been purported that no more than 60% of adult patients with cutaneous mastocytosis will have occult bone marrow involvement.

Objectives  To investigate the frequency of bone marrow involvement in patients with mastocytosis but without systemic symptoms.

Methods  Bone marrow aspirate and trephine biopsy were performed in 13 consecutive patients with cutaneous mastocytosis attending our department.

Results  All but one of these patients had evidence of bone marrow involvement. Bone marrow cytogenetic abnormalities have been found in patients with cutaneous mastocytosis: all our patients who were analysed showed a normal karyotype.

Conclusions  Bone marrow involvement is common in adults with cutaneous mastocytosis.