• benign glandular schwannoma

Glandular schwannoma is a rare variant of schwannoma characterized by the presence of glands in an otherwise typical schwannoma. We report a patient with benign glandular schwannoma occurring on the scalp, a site not previously reported. Histologically, a well-defined, encapsulated oval nodule was observed in the subcutaneous tissue. The nodule was composed of a spindle cell component and glandular structures. The spindle cell component stained positively for S-100 protein. All of the glandular epithelium stained with CAM 5.2 and epithelial membrane antigen but not with S-100 protein. The glandular epithelium was focally positive for carcinoembryonic antigen. The histogenesis of the glandular elements in these tumours is still debated. The variable size of the glandular structures in our case was evidence against an entrapped normal sweat gland origin. The glandular epithelium did not stain with S-100 protein at all, but stained with CAM 5.2, which did not support a direct metaplastic origin of the epithelial elements from the schwannian component. A few scattered CAM 5.2-positive cells and microglandular structures in our case may be the initial differentiating epithelial elements possibly derived from pluripotential neural crest cells.