One-pass resurfacing with a combined-mode erbium: YAG/CO2 laser system: a study in 102 patients


Mario A.Trelles. E-mail: . The authors hereby affirm that they have no interest, financial or otherwise, to disclose regarding the manufacturers of the systems used in this study.


SummaryBackground The CO2 and erbium: YAG (Er: YAG) lasers have been used for skin resurfacing. A recently developed system combines pulsed ablative Er: YAG and continuous wave subablative CO2 wavelengths in one console.

Objectives To assess the potential benefits of this system.

Methods The study follows 102 women, skin types I–V, with 26 full face, 48 perioral and 28 periocular resurfacing procedures. The ablative Er: YAG pulse (350 μs, 29 J cm−2) is followed immediately by a non-ablative CO2 laser shot (4–6 W, 50 ms) through the same collimated handpiece (3-mm diameter spot), 50% overlapping, repetition rate 10 Hz, giving two-pass equivalence with one single pass.

Results Patients scored the results as very good (n = 67), good (n = 25) and fair (n = 10). Mild but successfully resolved side-effects occurred in only four patients. The 2-month histology showed a good band of new collagen tightening the overlying healthy epidermis. Follow-up periods ranged from 1·5 to 2 years (mean ± SD 1·76 ± 0·33).

Conclusions This device at the above settings offers speedy resurfacing without compromising the quality of the procedure for the patient, and may well satisfy the basic requirements of laser skin resurfacing.