• prothrombin gene G20210A variant;
  • inherited thrombophilia;
  • venous thrombosis

We have investigated the prevalence of a recently reported genetic variation in the prothrombin gene (G20210A) in patients with an objectively confirmed history of venous thrombosis. 12/219 patients (5.5%) were found to be heterozygous carriers of the 20210 A allele. The incidence of the 20210 A allele in a group of 164 healthy controls was 1.2% (allele frequency 0.61%, 95% CI 0.08–2.19). When patients with a known alternative hereditary risk factor for venous thrombosis (factor V Leiden mutation or deficiency of antithrombin, protein C or protein S) were excluded, the G20210A variant was found to increase the risk for venous thrombosis by approximately 5-fold (odds ratio 5.4, 95% CI 1.16–25.0). This prothrombin gene sequence variation adds further to the list of recognized genetic risk factors for thrombophilia.