• NK leukaemia;
  • NK lymphoma;
  • mosquito bite hypersensitivity;
  • sFasL;
  • EBV

We evaluated the serum level of soluble Fas ligand (sFasL) in patients with natural killer lymphocyte proliferative disorders (NK- LPD). The serum sFasL level was elevated in neoplastic groups of aggressive NK leukaemia, indolent NK leukaemia and NK lymphoma, all of which contained clonal EBV-DNA. In NK leukaemia the serum sFasL level was significantly higher than that found in others. However, it was not elevated in the patients with reactive NK-LPD and in one patient with NK leukaemia in remission. These findings indicate that the serum sFasL level is a useful indicator in evaluating disease activity.