Illustrated Pathology of the Spleen


  • Dr Carole A. Angel

Illustrated Pathology of the Spleen. Bridget S. Wilkins and Dennis H. Wright

As the foreword states, ‘The major aim of this book is to de-mystify splenic pathology for non-specialist consultants and trainees in histopathology’. It succeeds, admirably. Of course, there are other texts on the spleen, but this is the only book which convinces me that its writers actually do splenic histopathology on a routine basis. There is something very attractive about a book that explains why I have always found splenic pathology difficult and then proceeds to take a matter-of-fact and business-like approach to proving that it is not so difficult after all. I particularly like Chapter 10 with its checklist for the routine assessment of splenic problems. By and large, the illustrations are beautiful and the text is very well referenced. The information is up-to-date and provides a useful summary of the recent immunohistochemical and cytogenetic findings in lymphoreticular pathology and haematopathology. All in all, this book is an excellent buy and could well find itself on the book shelves of most of the reporting rooms in the country.