The authors of the article entitled ‘Fanconi anaemia group A (FANCA) mutations in Israeli non-Ashkenazi Jewish patients’, which was published in volume 111, number 1, on pages 338343, have noticed an error in Table II. Patient IX-6 is homozygous for the 890–893del mutation and not as appears in the printed table. The correct table is given below.

Table II.  Mutations and clinical data for non-Ashkenazi–Jewish patients.
    Phenotype (age at onset)   
Patient number Age*/Origin Mutation MalformationsBM failure Cancer BMT Outcome  
  • *

    Age in years at last follow-up; BMT, bone-marrow transplant; AML, acute myeloblastic leukaemia.

I-327/Moroccan–Jewish 2172-3insG/2172-3insGBicuspid aortic valve20Alive and well  
I-429/Moroccan–Jewish 2172-3insG/2172-3insG25Alive and well  
II-314/Moroccan–Jewish2172-3insG/2172-3insG6Alive and well  
III-319/Moroccan-Jewish 2172-3insG/2172-3insG Hypoplastic thumb, absent left kidney11AML (19)Died (19) AML  
III-424/Moroccan–Jewish2172-3insG/2172-3insGHemivertebra D-129Squamous cell cancer of tongue (24)Died (24) cancer  
III-518/Moroccan–Jewish 2172-3insG/2172-3insG6AML (18)Died (18) AML  
IV-52.5/Moroccan–Jewish 2172-3insG/2172-3insGAbsent radius and thumb1.5Alive and well  
IV-67.5/Moroccan–Jewish 2172-3insG/2172-3insG5.5Alive and well  
V-68/Moroccan–Jewish 2172-3insG/2172-3insGAbnormal thumb8Alive and well  
V-95/Moroccan–Jewish 2172-3insG/2172-3insGAbnormal thumb4.5Alive and well  
VI-320/Moroccan–Jewish 2172-3insG/2172-3insGHypoplastic left kidney1115Alive and well  
VII-328/Moroccan–Jewish 4275delT/4275delTOesophageal atresia, bilateral thumb atrophy11Alive and well  
VIII-412/Moroccan– Tunisian–Jewish 2172-3insG/890-893delAbsent thumb24Alive and well  
IX-617/Tunisian–Jewish 890–893del/890–893delHearing loss716·5Died post-BMT  
X-37/Indian–Jewish2574C[RIGHTWARDS ARROW]G/2574C[RIGHTWARDS ARROW]GSyndactyly5.5AML (7)Died of AML  
X-712.5/Indian–Jewish2574C[RIGHTWARDS ARROW]G/2574C[RIGHTWARDS ARROW]GAbnormal thumb7Alive and well  
XI-310.5/Indian–Jewish2574C[RIGHTWARDS ARROW]G/2574C[RIGHTWARDS ARROW]GExtra finger, cervical rib1AML (10)10Died post-BMT  
XI-510.5/Indian–Jewish2574C[RIGHTWARDS ARROW]G/2574C[RIGHTWARDS ARROW]GCervical rib2.59·5Alive and well