Prize Announcement

International Klosterfrau Award for Childhood Asthma 2001

Childhood asthma is one of the great scientific and therapeutic challenges in paediatric pneumology. Its incidence is increasing especially in the industrialized countries. Children suffering from this disease and their parents alike have to go through a painful path of psychological stress and disappointments. Scientists around the world are joining efforts to understand the aetiology of this disease, to improve its therapy, and to develop new and more effective therapeutic concepts.

Aims and Scope

The ‘Klosterfrau Research Award for Childhood Asthma’ has been installed as an annual prize. It will be awarded to researchers in basic science, pneumology and paediatrics whose work is orientated to the better understanding of childhood asthma.

The prize is endowed with 40.000 SFR (Swiss francs) and will be given to one person or team.

10.000 SFR of this sum are at the individual disposal of the prize winner (winning team), whereas 30.000 SFR has to be spent for further research of the winner of his/her team.


1 The applicant must be under the age of 40 years

2 Each application must be by a single applicant

3 The work must be from the past 2 years

4 The work may be clinical or basic research in asthma, by a researcher whose major clinical training and work has been in Paediatrics

5 The majority of the research work should have been performed by the applicant

6 Application should contain a short statement of the head of the research group that he/she (the group) supports the application

7 The applicant must submit a short curriculum vitae and a list of his/her publications

8 The applicant must submit a summary of his/her work, with an indication of its clinical relevance to childhood asthma and which questions arising from the work need to be answered in the future

9 Reviews of the literature will not be accepted

10 Papers or PhD thesis should be presented as a supplement to the application

11 Universal application should be used. It must contain: Title and full address• Manuscript(s)• A summary of the work• Curriculum vitae and list of publications• Explanation (by the Applicant and the head of the research group that the applicant has performed the majority of  the research work

Selection of the award recipient(s) will be made by an international scientific board, made up of six internationally recognized senior scientists.

Please send your application (6 copies) by September 15, 2001 at the latest to the Chairman of the International Scientific Board:Prof. Dr D. ReinhardtDr v.Haunersches KinderspitalUniversity of Munich (LMU)-Klosterfrau Preis-Lindwurmstr. 4D-80337 MünchenGermany