•   allo-immunization;
  • HIV-1;
  • chemokines;
  • CCR5 antibodies;
  • recurrent spontaneous abortion


Studies in humans suggest that allo-immunization induces CC-chemokines, CD8-suppressor factors (SF) and anti-HIV immunity. Here we report that allo-immunization with unmatched leucocytes from partners of women with recurrent spontaneous abortion elicits specific antibodies to the CCR5 receptor. Such antibodies inhibit replication of M-tropic HIV-1 (R5) and MIP-1β-mediated chemotaxis. These CCR5 antibodies were also found in the sera of multiparous women that were naturally immunized by semi-allogeneic fetal antigens. The specificity of these antibodies was demonstrated by adsorption with CCR5 transfected HEK-293 cells, a baculovirus CCR5 preparation and a peptide of the 2nd extra-cellular loop of CCR5. Allo-immunization also stimulated increased concentrations of the CXC chemokine, SDF-1α and CD8-SF that inhibit T-tropic HIV-1 (X4) replication. We suggest that allo- immunization may elicit (a) CC chemokines, CCR5 antibodies and CD8-SF that inhibit M-tropic HIV-1 infection and (b) the CXC chemokine SDF-1α and CD8-SF that inhibit T-tropic HIV-1 infection.