Evaluation of liquid-based cytology in cervical screening of high-risk populations: a split study of colposcopy and genito-urinary medicine populations


Ms Martina Ring Department of Cytology, Coombe Women's Hospital, Dublin 8, Ireland. E-mail: mring@coombe.ie


A split study evaluated the ThinPrep® PapTest™ (TP; Cytyc Corp., Boxborough, MA) compared with current methodologies of cervical cytology in two high-risk cohorts. One thousand, three hundred cases from a colposcopy clinic and a genito-urinary medicine outpatient clinic were examined. The TP reported increased detection of all grades of dyskaryosis (mild, moderate and severe; + 4.5%) and a decrease in borderline and unsuitable cases (− 4.9%). Four cases of high-grade dyskaryosis (moderate or severe) were detected only using the TP, while an additional four cases classified as high-grade dyskaryosis with the TP were reported as borderline by our conventional methods. The split-study finding of increased sensitivity with the TP provides for improved clinical management of patients in our high-risk cohorts.