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Comparing global models of terrestrial net primary productivity (NPP): global pattern and differentiation by major biomes


  • D. W. Kicklighter,

    1. The Ecosystems Center, Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL), Woods Hole, MA 02543, USA,
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  • A. Bondeau,

    1. Potsdam Institut für Klimafolgenforschung e.V. (PIK), Postfach 60 12 03, Telegrafenberg, D-14412 Potsdam, Germany,
    2. Previous name: A. Fischer.
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  • A. L. Schloss,

    1. Complex Systems Research Center, Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH 03824, USA,
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  • J. Kaduk,

    1. Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie, Bundesstraβe 55, D-20146 Hamburg, Germany,
    2. Present address: Carnegie Institution of Washington, Department of Plant Biology, 260 Panama S., Stanford, CA 94305, USA,
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  • A. D. Mcguire,

    1. United States Geological Survey, Alaska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK 99775, USA
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  • ThE. Participants OF. ThE. Potsdam NpP. Model Intercomparison

    1. The following participated in the Potsdam NPP Model Intercomparison: A. Bondeau (previous name: A. Fischer), G. Churkina, W. Cramer, G. Colinet, J. Collatz, G. Dedieu, W. Emanuel, G. Esser, C. Field, L. François, A. Friend, A. Haxeltine, M. Heimann, J. Hoffstadt, J. Kaduk, L. Kergoat, D. W. Kicklighter, W. Knorr, G. Kohlmaier, B. Lurin, P. Maisongrande, P. Martin, R. McKeown, B. Meeson, B. Moore III, R. Nemani, B. Nemry, R. Olson, R. Otto, W. Parton, M. Plöchl, S. Prince, J. Randerson, I. Rasool, B. Rizzo, A. Ruimy, S. Running, D. Sahagian, B. Saugier, A. L. Schloss, J. Scurlock, W. Steffen, P. Warnant, and U. Wittenberg
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Mr D. W. Kicklighter, fax: + 1–508–457–1548, E-mail:


Annual and seasonal net primary productivity estimates (NPP) of 15 global models across latitudinal zones and biomes are compared. The models simulated NPP for contemporary climate using common, spatially explicit data sets for climate, soil texture, and normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI). Differences among NPP estimates varied over space and time. The largest differences occur during the summer months in boreal forests (50° to 60°N) and during the dry seasons of tropical evergreen forests. Differences in NPP estimates are related to model assumptions about vegetation structure, model parameterizations, and input data sets.

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