• bipolar electrosurgery;
  • hysteroscopy;
  • normal saline.

To document the clinical and surgical experience of the first large series of hysteroscopic procedures performed with the new bipolar normal saline field electrodes.

Prospective descriptive study.

163 women scheduled for hysteroscopic surgery.

All the scheduled operations could be done with the new device, and 69% of all lesions could be removed under local anaesthesia and 28% without anaesthesia at all. On average, 85 mL of distension fluid, i.e. normal saline, was resorbed. The amount of resorption was related to the operation time, which increased greatly in the case of polyps over 4 cm in size or fibroids larger than 3 cm in diameter. No complications were encountered.

This new bipolar normal saline field device is easy to handle, and safe and effective in removing lesions by coagulation, cutting or vaporization. It can easily be used to perform most hysteroscopic procedures with or without local anaesthesia in daycase settings.