Proteins from nuclear extracts of two lepidopteran cell lines recognize the ends of TTAA-specific transposons piggyBac and tagalong


M. J. Fraser, University of Notre Dame, Department of Biological Sciences, Notre Dame, IN 46556, USA.


The transposons piggyBac and tagalong are Lepidopteran transposons that exhibit extreme site-specificity for the tetranucleotide TTAA upon insertion and excise in a characteristic precise fashion, regenerating a single TTAA target site. The precise excision of both piggyBac and tagalong can occur in the absence of factors encoded by either transposon, possibly through the recruitment of host proteins and/or cross-mobilizing transposons. In this report, we utilize mobility shift assays and exonuclease III protection analyses to identify DNA binding activities from IPLB-SF21AE and TN-368 cells that are specific for piggyBac and tagalong-terminal repeats.