• Centrifugation process;
  • extraction yield;
  • quality;
  • technology

To evaluate the level of quality of the olive oil given by a new processing system we compared it with the percolation oil, which is known to be of high quality. The new product was characterized by the following: (i) higher contents of tocopherols, tyrosol- and hydroxytyrosol-aglycones, volatile aromatic substances, sterols, triterpene alcohols and lipochromes, and higher values of 1,2-diglycerides/1,3-diglycerides and campesterol/stigmasterol ratios, colour indices and turbidity; (ii) lower contents of waxes and triterpene dialcohols, and lower values for spectrophotometric indices, carbonyl index, Wolff's ratio (K232/K270), acidity, and peroxide number; (iii) similar contents of phenols, o-diphenols, free tyrosol, free hydroxytyrosol, triglycerides, stigmastadienes, and aliphatic alcohols, similar sensory score, and similar value of resistance to autoxidation, alcohol index, overall quality indices, and fatty acid composition.