Nurses' experiences of caring for ethnic-minority clients


Kathy Murphy 45 Stephen Road, Headington Oxford OX3 9AY England


This paper describes a research study designed to explore the experiences of nurses caring for ethnic-minority clients and to identify any specific problems nurses encounter when caring for these clients Data were collected through a process of in-depth interviews with 18 trained nurses The findings of the study suggest that nurses caring for ethnic-minority clients share many common experiences, problems and challenges Difficulties in communication with clients and a lack of knowledge about cultural differences were highlighted by all respondents The lack of holistic care and the inability to develop a therapeutic relationship were identified as major areas of frustration and stress The study demonstrates that there is an urgent need to develop cultural knowledge in nurse education programmes and that nurses need help and support with communication difficulties Interpreting services and dietary facilities available for ethnic-minority clients were also found to be inadequate and it is suggested that there is a need to review these facilities within hospitals