The genesis of a phenomenological approach to advanced nursing practice


  • Sheila Harvey RN SCM MN

    Corresponding author
    1. Clinical Nurse Specialist, Foothills Hospital, and Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Sheila Harvey, Clinical Nurse Specialist Foothills Hospital, 1403 29 St NW Calgary Alberta T2N 2T9 Canada


This paper describes how participation, as a co-investigator, in a phenomenological study of the high-risk perinatal experience led to the development of a new approach to advanced nursing practice for a maternity clinical nurse specialist Prior to implementation of the study, nursing was practised based in a structured, conceptual framework, but, as a result of conducting interviews with study subjects, analysing data with a research team and gaining a better understanding of the high-risk perinatal experience, a new style of nursing practice based in a phenomenological approach emerged, which permeated all aspects of clinical nurse specialist practice