An investigation into the effects of hypoglycaemia in young people aged 16–30 years


  • Jennefer Richmond RGN DipN BSc(Hons)

    1. Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Stockport Centre for Diabetes, Lime House, Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport SK2 7JE, England
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This study investigates the effects of hypoglycaemia on the working, social and personal lives of young people aged 16–30 years (mean age 23 9 years) who have insulin-treated diabetes mellitus A total of 52 questionnaires were returned from a sample size of 70 subjects Quantitative and qualitative analysis revealed that young people's lives are disrupted to varying degrees by hypoglycaemia Hypoglycaemia and the complications of diabetes were found to be a source of concern to the subjects in the study, although 19 (36 5%) rarely earned out any self-monitoring A more flexible approach to diabetic management is indicated, together with an agreed consensus of diabetic control between patients and professionals