Time for clients: temporal aspects of community psychiatric nursing


  • David Gibson MPhil RMN SRN CPN Cert

    Corresponding author
    1. Community Psychiatric Nurse, Community Psychiatric Nursing Department, Stockport Health Authority, Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport, England
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David Gibson 15 Alwinton Avenue Heaton Mersey Stockport SK4 3PU England


Time is an integral element in all actions, organizations and relationships Temporality has an effect on people's lives, and in turn people manipulate temporality as a means of imposing social order From a semiotic perspective the amount of time spent on an action and the timing of it conveys messages about such things as importance and status This holds equally true of organizations as well as individuals This paper concentrates on a community psychiatric nursing department, its staff and clients Sections of speech taken from interviews with nurses and clients are presented and discussed from the perspective of temporality to show how relationships are managed on an individual level and how work is organized around different client groups at an organizational level