The implementation of problem–based learning: changing pedagogy in nurse education


Ms Debra Creedy Senior Lecturer, School of Nursing, Griffith University NathanCampus Kessels Road, Nathan 4111, Queensland Australia


Problem-based learning (PBL) employs approaches to teaching and learning in nurse education that develop meaningful links between theory and practice The adoption of such approaches, however, may require changes in pedagogical beliefs and practices which reflect a student-centred approach to teaching and learning This paper focuses on a group of volunteer nurse educators (n= 14) who attended a 7-month professional development programme centred on introducing pedagogical changes when adopting PBL From this group, three nurse educators participated in an in-depth study which aimed to examine the processes of conceptual change associated with adopting PBL as part of alternative teaching strategies These three participants held common concerns about the changes required to their current teaching practices when moving to a new pedagogical approach On completion of the programme, varying degrees of change in existing instructional practices were evident This change was found to result from engaging educators in reflection about practice, providing opportunities to implement the new approaches on a trial basis, and providing feedback and support throughout the change process