A comparative analysis of Orem's self-care model and Peplau's interpersonal theory


  • Anita L Comley MSN RN OCN

    Doctoral student, Corresponding author
    1. Texas Woman's University, Associate Faculty, Collin County Community College, and Oncology Nurse, Baylor University Medical Center, Texas, USA
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Anita L Comley, 202 Carriage Trail, Wylie, TX 75098 USA


The process of choosing a nursing model or theory to guide one's clinical practice, curriculum development or theoretical framework for research can be facilitated by analysis of and comparison of existing theories, with each other and then with one's personal philosophies This paper summarizes the major concepts and assumptions of Dorothea Orem's self-care model and Hildegard Peplau's interpersonal theory, and then compares the two for similarities and differences in their origins of theory development, meanings related to nursing metaparadigm concepts, logical adequacy, usefulness and generalizability, parsimony and testability