Nursing: an integration of art and science within the experience of the practitioner


Pat Rose, Senior Lecturer Division of Child Care University of Greenwich Faculty of Health Stanley Hams Centre Brook Hospital Shooters Hill London SE184LW England


In this paper it is proposed that whilst nursing knowledge is underpinned by the philosophies of art and science they are integrated in such a way that nursing is greater than their sum and is thus a unique discipline It begins with an exploration of the philosophies underpinning art and science, and their relationship to nursing The discussion then moves on to examine critically the nature and development of theory in nursing with reference to art and science, the nursing knowledge thus generated and how that knowledge is learned and expressed The paper concludes with an evaluation of how far the discipline of nursing lies within the paradigms of science and of art, and whether indeed art and science may be, to some extent, false distinctions The authors conclude that nursing may be viewed as an integration of art and science, expressed through the practitioner's unique, yet also shared experience