Gender differences in care delivery and supervisory relationship: the case of psychogeriatric nursing


  • Alan Gilloran MA PhD

    1. Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Social Policy, Department of Management and Social Sciences Queen Margaret College, Edinburgh EH12 8TS, Scotland
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In this paper the impact of gender differences within nursing is examined Previous work has highlighted the disproportionate number of men in senior managerial positions in nursing and the perceived benefits which more males entering the profession may bring, for example increased status and higher pay The present work addresses two domains where the impact of gender differences may importantly affect both policy and practice, first in the realm of care delivery and second in the area of supervisory relationships The care received by male and female patients is studied, with particular attention being given to mixed wards Differences between the care delivery of male and female ward staff are also discussed Finally, differences in the supervisory roles of male and female charge nurses are examined The research concludes that the inter-relationships between male and female ward staff and the way in which these impact upon the care received by patients is, as yet, little understood However, as increasing numbers of males enter traditional female preserves within nursing, the need for a debate regarding the impact of gender differences is now essential