Planning nursing education for the 21st century


Nancy Duffy Course Instructor, Faculty Medical/Surgical, Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing 1901 E 5th Street, PO Box 33549, Charlotte North Carolina 28233 USA


In looking towards the 21st century, the faculty at the Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing, along with the Presbyterian Health Services Corporation and Queen's College, adopted a 1-2-1 programme The process of developing a new nursing curriculum is presented as the task force proceeded from the philosophy and goals to conceptual framework and curriculum objectives After discussions with nurse administrators and educators, extensive literature reviews and brainstorming sessions, concepts and subconcepts were chosen to form a philosophy The metaparadigm of nursing and other related concepts were then organized into a conceptual framework Ongoing communication and feedback from the faculty ensured group ownership of all documents The eclectic organizational scheme was a good fit for a large faculty with differing beliefs and values about a nursing curriculum The process of developing a future orientated nursing curriculum has been exciting, challenging and rewarding The faculty is committed to the new philosophy, goals and conceptual framework and believe that the 1–2–1 programme will educate future practitioners who are prepared to meet the challenges and changes in health care for the 21st century