Pain: an account of nurses' talk


  • Ann B Wakefield MSc RGN RMN FET Cert RCNT Cert Ed RNT

    1. Nurse Tutor, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Chester College of Higher Education, Leighton Hospital, Crewe CWl 4QJ, England
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This paper examines how nurses refer to pain and pam management in their talk The documentation of talk was established after engaging a group of five nurses in a series of in-depth unstructured interviews lastmg approximately 1 hour, in which they were encouraged to discuss their ideas regarding how postoperative pain should be managed, to render it more effective as an aspect of patient care However, the talk revealed that nurses tended to categorize patients according to symptoms or overt pain behaviours This essentially resulted in patients not being believed when they signalled that pam was becoming a distressing symptom The paper also discusses how nurses' knowledge regarding pain and pain management influences the way in which they manage postoperative pain