The cost of registered nurse-midwifery education in Malawi


Dr D E Namate PO Box 30552, Blantvre 3 Malawi


Educational institutions are challenged to produce more graduates with few resources in current sub-Saharan Africa In such an environment, it is critical that cost information pertaining to nursing education be available to assist nursing education programmes in meeting the challenges of producing more nurse-midwives with less cost This study explores the cost of registered nurse-midwifery education and describes factors which influence the cost of such education in Malawi Results demonstrate that nursing education is costly, be it in a developing or developed country The findings on cost of nurse-midwifery education have implications for policies related to the overall educational planning for the supply of registered nurse-midwives, the efficiency of nursing education programmes, the organization of nursing education curricula and the sharing of cost of education among the government, students, their families, and other sources