Neonatal nursing staff time involved with medication-related activities


  • Helen E Ridge BPharm MR Pharm S,

    1. Research Student on Department of Health Pharmacy Practice Research Enterprise Scheme, King's College London, England
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  • Alison E While BSc MSc PhD Cert Ed RGN RHV

    Corresponding author
    1. Professor of Community Nursing, Department of Nursing Studies, King's College London, London, England
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Professor A While, Department of Nursing Studies King's College London Cornwall House Annexe Waterloo Road Lo don SE1 8TX England


A work sampling study involving 1920 observations derived from 48 2-hour observation periods is described Approximately one-tenth of neonatal nurse time was spent on medication-related activities Just over one-third of this time involved medication preparation It is suggested that the use of a pharmacy medication preparation service may be more cost-effective