This study discusses the views of mothers and fathers on family training and on how family training supports them in the transition to parenthood The data were collected in 1993, using a questionnaire submitted about 9 weeks after the birth of a child The same questions were asked of the 189 mothers and the 127 fathers who replied According to the results both mothers and fathers consider it essential that their views and expectations are given due attention in the planning of family training Specific issues that were thought to require priority attention in family training were the actual process of childbirth, themes related to parenthood, pain alleviation during labour, and abnormal childbirth Less importance was attached to the themes of sex, contraception and certain aspects of health education Both mothers and fathers agreed that they had had ample opportunity to talk with their group leaders and that there had been enough lectures By contrast, it was widely felt that there was not sufficient opportunity to talk with other group members It is suggested that efforts be continued to further develop family training schemes so that they offer not only more support to families but also better opportunities for open discussion