Professionalization of nursing: development, difficulties and solutions


  • Johann Keogh RN RMN (UKCC) RN RM RCN RPN Registered

    Corresponding author
    1. Nurse Educator (South African Nursing Council)PhD, Lecturer in community Nursing, University of Fort Hare, South Africa; Senior Lecturer in Nursing, University of Malta, Malta
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Dr. J. Keogh, ‘Sardinella’, Triq il-Fenici, Safi, ZRQ 11, Malta.


This paper re-examines the claim of the profession of nursing to professional status. The criteria for professional recognition are used to determine whether nursing is indeed a profession, and the author could substantiate the professional status of nursing in certain countries. The problems encountered in the process of professionalization were explored and, in conclusion, a few solutions to the problems encountered were offered from the author's own paradigm.