Patient satisfaction in a nurse-led rheumatology clinic


  • Jackie Hill MPhil RGN

    Corresponding author
    1. Rheumatology Nurse Practitioner/Lecturer, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation Research Unit, University of Leeds, and The General Infirmary, Leeds, England
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Jackie Hill, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation Research Unit, University of Leeds, Chapel Allerton Hospital, Chapeltown Road, Leeds LS7 4SA, England.


Patient satisfaction with a nurse-led rheumatology clinic was tested using the Leeds Satisfaction Questionnaire (LSQ), which was specially developed and shown to be both reliable (Cronbach's alpha, 0.96) and stable (test-re-test r= 0·83). A total of 70 patients with rheumatoid arthrists, aged 22–75 years were randomly allocated to either a nurse's or a rheumatologist's clinic and seen on six occasions over a year. They completed the LSQ on entry and there were no significant differences between them. By week 48 the medical cohort showed significantly increased satisfaction with access and continuity (P < 0.05) but no change in overall satisfaction. The patients in the nurse-led clinic recorded significant increases in overall satisfaction and in all subscales (P < 0.0001). Between-group comparison at week 48 showed the nurse's patients to be significantly more satisfied than those of the rheumatologist.