Book reviewed in this article.

Luckmann's Core Principles and Practice of Medical-Surgical Nursing edited by A.L Polaski and S.E. Tatro.

The Anthropology of Pregnancy Loss — Comparative Studies in Miscarriage. Stillbirth and Neonatal Death edited by Rosanne Cecil.

Children's Nursing edited by Linda McQuaid, Sally Huband and Esther Parker.

Developmental Care of the Premature Baby by Jeanine Young.

Culture & Nursing Care: A Pocket Guide edited by Juliene G. Lipson, Suzanne L. Dibble & Pamela A. Minarik.

Contemporary Issues in Nursing (1) edited by F.C Bailey and C Maggs.

Scholarship in the Discipline of Nursing edited by Genevieve Gray and Rosalie Pratt.

Making Sense of Research — an Introduction for Nurses by G. Hek, M. Judd and P. Moule.

Quick Reference Handbook of Oncology Drugs by R. Ellerby, S. Ault, B. Kubli, T. Scheirman and R. Zeebuyth.

Managing Chronic Illness — a Biopsychosocial Perspective edited by P.M. Nicassio and T W. Smith.

The Royal Marsden NHS Trust Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures 4th edn. J. Mallett and C. Bailey.