Caring — a masculine perspective


  • Graham MacDougall BSc, RGN HIV/Palliative

    Corresponding author
    1. Care Co-ordinator, Riverside Community Trust, Richford Gate Primary Care Centre, London, England
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G. MacDougall, 32 St John's Court, Lewisham Road, London SE 13 7QB, England.


The last decade has witnessed an increase in the published works dedicated to the issue of men and their masculinity. While the views are divergent, the overwhelming image of masculine identity today remains the traditional one. This traditional masculinity is underpinned by oppressive practices affecting women, gay men and black men. Within nursing, it would appear that men are assuming positions of power in ever increasing numbers and that these men tend to follow traditional masculine paths. Thus a situation is arising where a profession that consists overwhelmingly of women is being dominated by men being in positions of power. If these men occupy the traditional masculine standpoint then this may have a negative impact on care.