Book reviewed in this article:

Cancer Nursing: A Comprehensive Textbook. edited by R. McCorkle, M. Grant

Self-Care Nursing in a Multicultural Context Juliene G. Lipson & Nancy J. Steiger Sage

Pressure sore prevention by A. Simpson

Genito-urinary medicine for nurses Edited by A. Sutton

The Politics of Nursing Knowledge by Anne Marie Rafferty

Workplace Health Employee Fitness and Exercise Edited by J. Kerr, A. Griffiths & T

Adults with Autism: A guide to Theory and Practice edited by Hugh Morgan

Mental Health Nursing: The Nurse — Patient Journey by J.B. Carson & E.N. Arnold

Guidelines in Gastroenterology (1–7) written, approved and published by the British

Ophthalmic Nursing 2nd Ed, by R. Stollery

Teaching pack — Bloodborne infections: preventing the transmission of bloodborne pathogens in health care settings by R.J. Pratt

Child and adolescent services, safeguards for young minds, young people and protective legislation edited by Richard Williams

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