• family dynamics;
  • infant temperament;
  • demographic variables;
  • child-rearing familes

Relationships between infant temperament, demographic variables, and family dynamics of child-rearing families were investigated in this study. The revised Infant Temperament Questionnaire (RITQ), the Family Dynamics Questionnaire (FDQ) and the Family Dynamics Measure (FDM) were sent to 118 families who had participated in the first stage of the study as child-bearing families. About 8 months after childbirth 96 mothers and 95 fathers completed the questionnaires. The characteristics of infant temperament and demographic variables related to the variance of dimensions of family dynamics. Characteristics of the temperamentally easy baby related to more positive family dynamics perceived by child-rearing parents. Fathers rearing their first child reported that their families functioned better than fathers with their second infant. In child health clinics families rearing their second child should also be supported, especially families with arhythmic and negative mood infants.