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Bridging the gap between theory and practice: a supervision programme for nursing students


  • Elisabeth I. Severinsson RNT MNSc Dr PH

    1. Clinical Senior Lecturer, Ersta University College, Department of Nursing and Health Sciences, Ersta Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden
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Elisabeth Severinson S. Gåsekilsvägen 4, PL 3912, S-439 94 Onsala, Sweden.


This paper describes nursing students’ views of a supervision programme provided during the second semester of their education, which was their first period of nursing practice. A form with open questions and a 24-item questionnaire were completed by the 28 nursing students. The analysis of their responses was a combination of factor analysis and grounded theory approach, based on comparative analysis. The results indicate two specific effects of the programme: personal growth and integration of knowledge. The process of creating knowledge includes four stages: awareness of concepts and phenomena, development of a ‘language of caring’, development of a ‘model’ of communication, and reflection gained as an effect of the intervention. The nursing students reported that reflection was a way to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Their views of the effect of the supervision showed high values for the following three factors: improved interpersonal skills, improved professional skills, and improved communication skills.