• method;
  • hermeneutics;
  • phenomenology;
  • coronary artery disease;
  • nursing;
  • Heidegger;
  • Gadamer;
  • Max Van Manen

Listening to them and reading me: a hermenuetic approach to understanding the experience of illness¶Developing a method that is pragmatic yet theoretically consistent with the philosophies of hermeneutics and phenomenology is a constant hurdle for any researcher endeavouring to engage their inquiry in this manner, particularly when its proponents refute the credence of hermeneutics as a research method. This paper discusses how Van Manen's six research activities can act as a framework, that when modified to suit the particular needs of the research project, can promote a process of inquiry that works with these philosophies towards an unfoldment of new understandings of the human experience in illness.