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The contribution of nursing to cancer prevention


  • Lee R Cutler RN BSc(Hons)

    1. Clinical Nurse Educator, Rotherham Intensive Therapy Unit and Nursing Lecturer, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, England
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Lee R. Cutler 26 Southmoor Lane, Armthorpe, Doncaster DN3 3TQ, England. E-mail:


The contribution of nursing to cancer prevention¶ Cancer is a major killer of modern man, yet despite recent advances in knowledge of cancer and its causes, prevention remains a significant challenge within healthcare. Theories of health promotion give an insight into the perspectives on disease prevention whilst frameworks for disease prevention can be useful in helping identify and address the difficulties inherent in preventing this deadly disease. Within this paper Caplan’s framework forms the basis for discussion of the issues related to cancer prevention in the United Kingdom as part of nursing’s health promotion role. It is suggested that a ‘chain of prevention’ would ideally exist linking the laboratory scientists researching cancer and the general public. ‘Weak links’ are identified prior to suggestions for remedial strategies.

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