• family dynamics;
  • factors causing strain;
  • received support;
  • child-rearing families

Relationships between family dynamics of Finnish child-rearing families, factors causing strain and received support¶ The aim of this study was to determine the relationships between family dynamics, the factors causing strain on child-rearing parents and the support available to families from public health nurses. Family dynamics was defined as the family's unique way of functioning and was conceptualized by means of six different dimensions. Questionnaires were sent to 118 families, and of these 85 mothers and 79 fathers participated in the study. According to the findings the majority of parents involved in bringing up children aged 3–4 years assessed their families to be well-functioning. There was a correlation between a low level of factors causing strain on the family and a positive evaluation of family dynamics based on the various dimensions. According to the mothers the support, i.e. emotional, appraisal and instrumental support, received from public health nurses, along with a small number of strain-causing factors on the partner relationship, correlated well with their positive assessments of the mutuality and flexibility of their families.