Planning and managing research into day-surgery for cataract


Dr Karen Rose , Nursing Fellow (Research), University Department of Ophthalmology, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9WH, England.


Planning and managing research into day surgery for cataract

Between 1995 and 1997, a randomized controlled study, funded by the Department of Health, was carried out into the management of patients with cataract attending a peripheral ophthalmic clinic and who had been assessed as suitable for day-surgery. The research took place in a clinical setting and it was accepted from the outset that, while such studies have the power to give information about the real clinical world, this also means that the research is potentially at the mercy of events within that world. The purpose of this paper is to report how the study was set up and integrated into the clinic. First, a literature review was undertaken in order to focus the aims of the study more clearly. Second, drawing on principles of action research, clinical and research staff worked together to implement the study. This strategy allowed a flexible approach to the research which enabled problems to be handled as they arose.