• activities and Alzheimer’s disease;
  • Alzheimer’s disease;
  • family caregivers and Alzheimer’s disease

Responses of family caregivers and family members with Alzheimer’s disease to an activity kit: an ethnographic study

This qualitative evaluation research focused on individuals with Alzheimer’s disease cared for at home by a family caregiver. It aimed to assess the responses of family caregivers and family members to an activity kit containing 20 therapeutic activities (The BAG or ‘Be Active with Games’ kit). In-depth interviews with and observations of 21 caregiver/member dyads were analysed according to Spradley’s ethnographic method. Responses to The BAG were contingent upon the family member’s symptoms, prior experience, and time of day. For some caregivers The BAG was useful in filling time, inspiring additional activities, facilitating connections with the family member, and connecting family members with their past; for others it was an additional burden in an already frenetic life. The BAG engaged some family members with AD while it ‘insulted’ others. The value of activities for individuals with AD requires more theoretical and methodological exploration.