• adolescence;
  • African Caribbean;
  • heart health promotion;
  • health beliefs and behaviours;
  • evidence based nursing practice

Heart health-associated health beliefs and behaviours of adolescents of African and African Caribbean descent in two cities in the United Kingdom

The following paper presents the findings of an exploratory ethnography, the purpose of which was to identify and describe heart health associated beliefs and behaviours of year seven (Y7) and year 10 (Y10) secondary school young people of African and African Caribbean descent in two UK cities. Data were collected by the data collection technique of focus groups. However, eight focus groups were conducted involving 47 Y7 young people and 29 Y10 pupils, 76 pupils in total. The data were analysed utilizing ATLAS/ti qualitative data analysis software. This software is informed by grounded theory. Data from the study formed six themes. The findings informed the development of an interactive health promotion website which can be found at The paper argues that in order to provide meaningful programmes of health promotion to be developed by health care providers including school nurses and health visitors, it is essential that interventions are informed by an understanding of the health beliefs and behaviours of African and African Caribbean young people.