July marks the appointment of new members to the International Editorial Board of the Journal of Advanced Nursing. Membership of the Board is normally for between 4 and 6 years and we thank those who are stepping down at this time for their constructive and scholarly contributions over the period of their incumbency.

The Editorial Board of a peer-reviewed journal is yet another aspect of journal quality that has been the subject of several editorials during the first part of 2000. International Editorial Board members of the Journal of Advanced Nursing are invited in recognition of their personal contribution to the development of nursing scholarship in their own area of theory and practice. Their contribution to the Board in terms of reviewing the Journal’s progress and direction, considering its policies and procedures, and helping to identify specialist referees is essential to the maintenance of Journal quality.

The members who join the Board this July are characterized first by their geographical spread, continuing the Journal of Advanced Nursing’s international traditions. Second, they are also representative of wide areas of excellence in nursing scholarship and practice. We welcome them warmly to join the remaining Board members, and look forward eagerly to all of their contributions to Journal excellence.