• education;
  • evaluation;
  • follow-up study;
  • nursing graduates;
  • nursing practice;
  • professional development;
  • United Kingdom

Limitations, frustrations and opportunities: a follow-up study of nursing graduates from the University of Birmingham, England

This paper reports an ongoing study of the progress of nursing graduates from the University of Birmingham, England. The aim of the research was to follow-up early graduates from the programme, to assess their progress and study feedback indicators that could help further the development of this relatively new programme. The study also aims to contribute to the growing body of knowledge about United Kingdom nursing graduates, following the recent shift of nurse education from Schools/Colleges of Nursing into universities. Due to objection from some quarters as to the value of a university education for nurses, even such a small-scale study is considered to be important. A questionnaire was sent to the first three cohorts of graduates. It revealed interesting findings in relation to work patterns, continuing professional and academic development and perceptions of the value of the degree in practice. The graduates made recommendations regarding changes that might enhance the quality of the Birmingham degree and nursing practice generally.