• clinical skills;
  • critical thinking;
  • nursing students;
  • Chinese;
  • videotaped vignette

Effects of using videotaped vignettes on enhancing students’ critical thinking ability in a baccalaureate nursing programme

Aim. The aim of this study was to determine the effects of using videotaped vignettes in promoting nursing students’ critical thinking abilities in managing different clinical situations.

Background. The impetus for undertaking this study came from recognition of the need to develop the level of students’ critical thinking within clinical nursing practice. Eight videotaped vignettes that simulated clinical situations were developed to promote baccalaureate nursing students’ critical thinking abilities in managing clinical situations. Guidelines were also developed to stimulate students’ discussion.

Design/Methods. A pre-test/post-test design was employed to determine the effectiveness of videotaped vignettes in promoting critical thinking skills among these students. A final sample of 83 students completed all the pre-test and post-test questionnaires on critical thinking skills and nursing knowledge test specific to a vignette.

Results/Findings. The findings indicate that students’ post-test knowledge scores were significantly higher than the pre-test knowledge scores. While the post-test critical thinking skill test scores were slightly higher than those of the pre-test for the students, the difference was not significant. One reason for such findings may be the limited exposure students had to these new types of videotaped vignettes. After the course had been completed both students and teachers were asked to reflect and to indicate their level of satisfaction with the new approach. There was overall satisfaction with the new approach to teaching clinical skills as reflected in the interview data from both teachers and students.

Conclusions. While there were positive outcomes in terms of helping students to relate nursing principles to clinical situations, more time for students to learn using videotaped vignette in tutorial hours remains a challenge for teachers in planning the lectures.